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 Financial Aid

Discover your financial aid options and get the support you need to succeed

Get Support to Understand Your Funding Options

Career training can be one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever make. Pursuing a career you’re truly passionate about can make an enormously positive impact on your life, but it can have its challenges. Many students require some financial assistance.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, aren’t sure where to start, or just want to make sure you’re not overlooking any opportunities, we can help. We have a dedicated staff of full-time financial aid specialists who can help you navigate all of your options.

Paroba College is nationally accredited, which means that financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

Get Started!

To start the federal financial aid process for any school, you will need to complete your FAFSA by visiting The Paroba College school code is 014396.


If you have any questions about financial aid and exploring your funding options, give us a call at

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is designed to help you get a meaningful estimate of total, out-of-pocket costs, based on your particular financial circumstances and anticipated aid.  It does not replace speaking with a Financial Aid specialist as each individual’s circumstances may differ.

Launch the Net Price Calculator

Please Note: Results from this tool are only an estimate of financial aid eligibility.

Student Loan Code of Conduct

In compliance with the 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act, Paroba College adheres to this Code of Conduct with regard to the administration of student financial aid.

  1. Financial Aid Officers are not permitted to participate in any revenue-sharing arrangements with a lender, guarantor or servicer.
  2. Financial Aid Officers may not solicit or accept any gifts from a lender, guarantor or servicer. A “gift” is defined as any gratuity, favor, discount, entertainment, hospitality, loan or other item valued at more than a de minimus amount. This includes any services, transportation, lodging, meals, whether in kind, by purchase of a ticket, payment in advance or by reimbursement.
  3. Financial Aid Officers may not be compensated for a consulting arrangement or any other type of contracted work with a lender, guarantor or servicer.
  4. Financial Aid Officers are not permitted to be compensated for serving on an advisory board, commission or other group established by lender, guarantor or servicer.
  5. Paroba College will not accept staffing assistance from a lender.
  6. Students at Paroba College have the right to choose any private loan lender they wish. Paroba College does not assign a specific lender and will not delay or deny certification based on the choice of a private loan lender or guarantor.
  7. Paroba College College prohibits acceptance of offers of funds for private loans including funds for opportunity pool loans from any lender, guarantor or servicer in return for special concessions toward a lender, guarantor or servicer.

Code of Conduct for Education Loans

  1. Paroba College does not participate in any preferred lender arrangements. Borrowers may choose any lender they wish.  
  2. No action will be taken by any financial aid staff member that is for their personal benefit or could be perceived to be a conflict of interest. 
  3. Employees within the financial aid office will not award aid to themselves or their immediate family members. Staff will reserve this task to an institutionally designat person, to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. 
  4. No amount of cash, gift, or benefit in excess of a de minimis amount shall be accepted by a financial aid staff member from any financial aid applicant (or his/her family), or from any entity doing business with or seeking to do business with the institution (including service on advisory committees or boards beyond reimbursement for reasonable expenses directly associated with such service). 
  5. Information provided by the financial aid office is accurate, unbiased, and does not reflect preference arising from actual or potential personal gain. 
  6. Financial Aid offers provided by Paroba College include a breakdown of individual components of the institution’s Cost of Attendance, designating all potential billable charges; clear identification of each aid being offered, indicating type of aid, i.e. gift aid (grant, scholarship), work, or loan; and, renewal requirements for each aid being offered, should renewal be available.  
  7. All required consumer information is displayed in a prominent location on Paroba College’s website and printed materials, as required, and is easy to find and identify.  
  8. Financial aid professionals will disclose to their institution any involvement, interest in, or potential conflict of interest with any entity with which the institution has a business relationship.