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Get the Skills to Be a Professional Beauty School Instructor

Cosmetology, Barber and Esthetics Instructor leads a class at Paroba.
Cosmetology, Barber and Esthetics Instructor students gain the knowledge, practical skills & experience to be confident leaders

5 Month* Beauty Teacher Training Program

The Paroba Teacher Training program provides the hands-on training, practical classroom experience and dedicated support it takes to become a qualified instructor.

This program is designed to give you basic teaching skills, educational judgments, and proper work habits, all through the guidance of our experienced and dedicated instructors. Skills you gain include:

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Course Development and Lesson Planning
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Teaching Aids
  • Theory Teaching and Classroom Management
  • Testing and Student Evaluation
  • Clinic Supervision

Graduates of this Instructor Training program work in schools, salons and spas throughout Washington.

“What a great learning environment! Paroba, hats off to you!”
– Jared Rodelas-Kent, Paroba Graduate

Convenient Schedule – Attend Just 3 Days Per Week

We understand the demands our students face. Many students are working and/or raising families. Most people don’t have the luxury of taking time off of their other responsibilities in order to go to school.

That’s why we designed this program to run just 3 days per week from Monday – Wednesday. This allows you to complete quickly and balance things like work, family and other commitments.

Most students complete this 600-hour program in 5 months.*

Hands-On Experience in a Real Classroom & Teaching Salon

Unlike some cosmetology schools, which offer teacher training as a cheap staffing solution, Paroba is dedicated to developing highly qualified, confident teaching professionals.

During this program, you’ll feel fully supported by experienced teaching staff, all of whom have been with the school for years and have significant experience both working in the industry and teaching new professionals.

This program offers a good balance between practical, real-world experience, like leading actual cosmetology and esthetics classes on your own, and dedicated guided support.

State License

As a graduate of this program, you’ll be fully prepared and eligible to sit for the Washington State Board Exam, which is required to become a Licensed Instructor in Washington.

* Program length when completed in normal time.