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I absolutely loved this school. Not only for the excellent knowledge I learned but the owners and instructors went over and beyond to see that I accomplished my career goals. This amazing lady made a huge impact on my life, even 7 years later, and with a successful career that I proudly obtained from her amazing school, she remembers exactly who I am when I see her. That says so much for the CEO of a very successful cosmetology college. Anyone who considers this school, I highly recommend it!

Miranda Castro, Paroba Graduate

What a great learning environment! Paroba, hats off to you!

Jared Rodelas-Kent, Paroba Graduate

Best education I could have asked for.

April Garrett, Paroba Graduate

I want to express my appreciation for a great learning experience at the Master Esthetician Program. Not only was the training beneficial, with so many knowledgeable instructors, but everyone there made us feel welcome. Your facility is exceptional, and it was a real plus to be able to go to the medspa. Every detail of the training was well planned.

Cindy Alporque, Paroba Graduate

I just love making people feel good about themselves. I love talking to clients and the experience is truly amazing. Paroba is amazing! The instructors are always willing to help no matter what. Ms. Lisa is the best, she has a huge heart and is always willing to help. Even now that i’ve graduated, I know I can go back and ask questions.

Kenzie Henderson, Paroba Graduate

I became a stylist to make people feel good about themselves. I’m rewarded everyday, every hug, every referral, every smile in the mirror.

Mikki Priddy-Maki, Paroba Graduate